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posted 10 months ago by terry_a_davis (+0 / -1 )
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HailChrist on
10 months ago 5 points (+1 / -0 / +4Score on mirror ) 2 children
Wake up

Go for a short walk in the trails near my house.

Open up my computer for work, after a bit spend some time on social media. Not much because I remember social media is a bad habit that I need to reduce/eliminate.

Go outside to do basic errands, see other white people going about their lives, do my best to be kind when interacting with them, even though I know whites are not sinless (myself included).

Think about how the women I have previously dated have not wanted families until their late 20s. Lament this, but accept this and have hope for the future.

Go home and look at some land to buy, and talk with some friends about setting up a small community there (we are financially stable enough to buy land)

Lament the negative ramifications caused to our people by Talmudists who literally want our people dead.

Cook myself some dinner that I find tasty with simple ingredients (not chicken from my own land or anything - hopefully one day)

Fall asleep on a pillow my Grandmother gave me when I left home.
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#Wholesome and Granite_Pilled.
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AryanSneed on
10 months ago 3 points (+1 / -0 / +2Score on mirror ) 1 child
Wake up at 3:45 am

Brush teeth, drink half gallon of water. Immediately go down stairs, prep coffee, half gallon of vegetable juice for the day, season rib eye steak, and water plants in my garden.

Go back upstairs and pray/meditate/read bible/plan day for 1 hour.

Go workout. Eat light (fruits) and drink the veggie juice all day.

Go to work (doing whatever was planned at 5am)

Come home, cook the steak and eggs. Make a massive bowl of greek yogurt and berries.

Throughout the day I am consuming old country western honkey tonk blue grass outlaw, Gulag Archipelago on audiobook, and engaging in nose-ticing conversations with NPCs without using the word jew.

I will find a nice church when I move out of my current city, find my trad wife and build my homesteaded big white family hopefully around other like minded volk.
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AryanSneed on
10 months ago 0 points (+0 / -0 )
I am surging with testosterone. I am 6'1 210 lbs 8-10% body fat, trained wrestler and boxer, graduating with numerous first author publications and my Ph D in chemical engineering in the next month. All the international shitskins in my department tell me I am what they envision americans to be like when they come from abroad. And then are seriously let down. I am a light (thank you Holy Spirit) shining in the darkness around me. I posit the JQ to all these internatinals and immediately start discussing the politics of Israel in the middle east and let them know america is zionist occupied. I enjoy seeding ZOG awareness in the minds of freshly arrived shitskins.
AryanSneed on
10 months ago 0 points (+0 / -0 )
I didnt understand the scope of jewish infiltration and subversion of the universities when I began my studies. I should have become a welder and did pipe up north with my uncle, looking back.
defaultskin on
10 months ago 2 points (+0 / -0 / +2Score on mirror )
wake up

take a shit

get off bed
10 months ago 1 point (+0 / -0 / +1Score on mirror ) 1 child
OMG, you just broke de Matrix!! You are propaganda proof. congratulations.
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10 months ago 1 point (+0 / -0 / +1Score on mirror )
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