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Yeah, hath God said? A History of the Origin of the Doctrine of the Trinity in the Christian Church - Joggler66 [1.05.54]
Pinned comment: " At 35mins 43 secs i mention God the Father, and the Antichrist who was first made known as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden and he is the father of lies. (Of course Satan, is the father of lies) What i meant was that the devil approached man in Eden, and his vicar is the antichrist. As the bible teaches the (angel) messenger is the image of the one represented, that is how i meant that. Sorry if i confused anyone."
It takes nothing to go with the crowd, but it takes everything to stand alone.
I stand with Christ rather than the world. How about you? Are you praying to the unknown God of a trinity, or do you understand that God YHWH is ONE?
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