"Answers for our Time" with host Jessica Knock and Dr. Stephen Pidgeon [1.30.37]
Dr. Pidgeon and Jessica discuss the magnificent story of Yoceph and Acenath's (Joseph and Asenath) relationship. Their relationship is first mentioned only twice in Genesis 41:45: Potiy Phera, priest of On wants to give his daughter Acenath as a wife to Yoceph and again mentioned in Genesis 41:50: that before the years of famine, Yoceph had two sons with Acenath.
Also known as "The Prayer of Acenath." This is anything but a love story, rather its about the power of prayer, full surrender, confession and casting away idols of life and transformation.
For a free download of "Yoceph V' Acenath" go to: https://www.cepher.net/downloads.aspx
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