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All non-Whites are antichrists, being branches of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil planted before Adam’s creation, so it’s applicable. The jew is an amalgamation of all those bastard races.
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No one in the Bible was white. Do you think the Middle East thousands of years ago was white?
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I was raised Christian. I believe the Bible and in Jesus. But, I don't attend church because it's gone very astray from the original teachings of Christ. Anytime I try to engage pastors / theologians with hard Bible questions I get accused of being an atheist and am told to stop. But, there are lots of questions about history, the Bible, infomation from the Bible, that are not allowed to be discussed. Gnosticism is off the table. Early Christian beliefs are not allowed. In some cases, God is meant to be taken literally ("thou shall not kill") but, other times, the Bible meant to be taken figuratively (e.g. how many slaves you can have and how you are allowed to treat them). There are also deeper questions about our reality like: who were the Nephilem? The entire Tower of Babel story, quotations from Jesus about faith, miracles, etc.
So, is it strictly "Bible-thumpin' Southern Baptist" beliefs here? Where you either believe it 100% and never ask questions --- or, are you allowed to ask tough religious questions that explore Christianity more deeply?
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I don't know about the community in general but I personally believe the Bible is literally true. I believe God's word was perfect even though occasional minor typos and difficulty translating may have been introduced or be confusing. There are 3 major paradoxes that are super hard to comprehend but we just have to believe they are true based on every single other thing in the Bible that is not confusing being completely true. We are not afraid of hard questions and in fact Jesus called himself the Truth, so to know the Truth will draw you closer to knowing Jesus.
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