Exploding The Israel Deception - Catholic Roots Of Zionism - joggler 66 & Tom Freiss [1.09.00]
" I wished to gain access to the Pope (not without first assuring myself of the support of the Austrian church dignitaries) and say to him: Help us against the anti-Semites and I will start a great movement for the free and honorable conversion of Jews to Christianity." Theodor Herzl, "THE COMPLETE DIARIES OF THEODOR HERZL", page 7.

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hmmm I just stumbled upon something like this recently
> [Pius XII] is noted for his rejection of any plan for the establishment of a State of Israel in the British Palestine territory, on religious and theological grounds.
didn't watch video, but I believe the consistent Catholic view was that Israel was not to be established, because the current Jews have rejected Christ and are in error, and perhaps the Holy Land was right for Christians to possess?
Then the Vatican seems to have been taken over, which again is why some of us are sedevacantist. As they now speak the opposite views of the Catholic views before. The current "popes" (who some of us do not believe to be Catholic popes) are basically silent on a lot of these issues, and in practice support the opposite teachings. This prevents them from being considered openly against Catholic teaching and rejected as non-Catholic, but their actions still seem to signify their opposition to Catholicism and seem to suggest they are neither Catholic nor popes.
So, I think Catholicism is opposed to Zionism. But then the current "Catholicism" is fake and taken over and anti-Catholic now. So that's where I think things stand.
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The British Mandate in Palestine was Protestant.
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