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8 months ago 0 points (+0 / -0 ) 1 child
ok i skimmed it
some of us are more focused on the problems of vatican 2 (and have taken the position of sedevacantism in response) than these questions
problem is some of these objections can be used against christianity in general so not always specific to catholicism
also the obelisk for example was supposed to be intentionally taking a pagan symbol and "christianizing" it as a symbolic triumph of christianity over paganism
this has been done enough times that it seems to be a standard practice
however there have been some shenanigans going in the opposite direction like the last resurrection sculpture in st peter's basilica or one of the churches looking like a snake (some popular images that have circulated).
these do to me seem more like non-catholics have taken over the institution of catholicism and are now mocking it. (hence the sedevacantist stance being taken)
8 months ago 1 point (+1 / -0 )
I believe that, as the apostle John said, the spirit of anti-christ has been active in the church since the very beginning.
The wonder to me is how many believers have maintained faith in the true saviour Jesus Christ despite the massive infiltration and deceptions of the devil’s disciples in all the denominations throughout two thousand years.
Maranatha friend.
Pontifex Maximus or Pope Seated on Satan’s Throne – Anointing Power
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