An International Group of Scientists Find Twelve Brands of Covid Injections Contain Hydrogel and Reduced Graphene Oxide – The Expose
In late January 2021, a group of four scientists, including Wagh, took up the challenge of analysing what was in the so-called Covid “vaccines.” More scientists joined the group and as of 23 August 2022, there were 18 scientists in 7 countries. Together they have now analysed a total of 2,305 samples obtained from 12 brands, namely:
Johnson & Johnson (J&J),
Sinopharm (China),
Sinovac (China),
Covishield (AstraZeneca made in India),
Soberana 02 (Cuba),
Pasto Covac (Iran),
CanSino (China),
ZifiVax (China)
“All of us in our group have employed toxicology techniques to study the biologics and the biochemistry within the injections such as mRNA, spike proteins and subunits, amino acid concentrations, protein concentration, emulsifiers, lipids pseudoviruses and viral vectors etc.
“We employed specialised forms of live microscopy whenever possible to see nanoparticulate and reduced graphene oxide. In some cases, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) was employed to get higher effective forms of magnification at 12,000 to 15,000x magnification for more clarity.
“But mostly, we used a technique called Raman Microscopy which is a laser-based microscope. Very effective to study molecules like graphene.
“Per our testing of all these injections since February 2021, and even earlier with some of the scientists in our group, the actual contents of all these injections are identical to each other.
All the injections are identical, but with different brand names like Pfizer, Moderna etc. with minor differences in adjuvants and synthetic lipid nanoparticles.
There were no biologics in any of the injections tested, meaning there was zero biological material found such as mRNA, spike protein subunits, pseudovirus vectors etc.
These injections are deadly CHEMICAL COCKTAILS, not a bioweapon, but a chemical weapon.”
The group has found the following ingredients in all the samples they analysed:
Adjuvants (preservatives), mostly aluminium hydroxide but there are a few others
Sucrose (sugar)
Sodium chloride (salt)
Synthetic lipid nanoparticles such as PEG and SM 102
Trillions of nanoparticles of reduced graphene oxide
Trillions of particles of nanoparticulate of heavy metal contamination
The Jab - It's Poison And Will Kill You - TremRegi [1.27.08]
Poornima Wagh talks about the Jab, what's in it, how it effects your body, and why avoid it at all costs. She also provides a detailed examination of each of the known Jabs... they are full of chemicals and particles that harm the body. If you feel overwhelmed because of the detail, fast forward to the last 30 minutes... but be sure to watch to the very end.

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The human body is highly resilient, Nothing these creatures have done has worked exactly as planned. I’m betting the human body is able to deal with the contaminants eventually.
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It is amazing isn’t it :)
And with the help of the Almighty we shall overcome the contaminants and the contaminators.
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Now do all the other vaccines.
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