I checked out some of the following links, but none of them seem to disclose their exact ingredients...
...so in a way we have no way of knowing they're actually "ecofriendly". The other possibility is this is basically something simple that's not particularly complicated, so they may be upselling basically something like beeswax.
So what would be some ecofriendly options? Carnauba wax? Like a soy candle? Beeswax? No wax?
It might require more reapplication than the standard (usually petroleum based) waxes.

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The amount of wax I used on my board, I never finished my single purchase after like 10 years of riding. I would go with whatever is local to you first, and then ask them what they made it from.
I tend to call places and ask these sorts of questions, so please let us all know if you find out anything.
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the mountainflow company was on shark tank, I think it's an underdeveloped niche still being formed
personally I'd be ok with something that doesn't have as good of performance but is ecofriendly. I don't need the fastest wax that will destroy the environment and give me cancer, I can take something that glides "ok enough".
so far I haven't really found anything you could buy, but this quora post had ideas like I mentioned in the op: https://www.quora.com/Is-there-any-household-item-I-could-use-instead-of-snowboard-wax
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