JESUIT MATHOSOPHY: Eric Jon Phelps Interviews Harry Katz #jesuit #maths #history [57.00]
How philosophy *mathed it's way into "science."
The topic deals with the Roman Catholic Jesuit hidden hand behind the careers of the biggest names in science! Copernicus, Galileo, Descartes, Kepler, Newton, and of course... Einstein.

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Dude said it best: “maybe I’m just not educated enough, but this doesn’t make any sense to me.” Him attempting to make a point about a subject he clearly knows little about is tantamount to being a liar.
Mathematics is the concentrated study of logic, which is a philosophical tool stemming from Man’s God-given ability of free will. Though logic often falls under the category of “philosophy” and therefore may appear to those ignorant of the subject as subjective, it is as scientific and objective as the study of chemistry, or astronomy.
Bloke is right that any tool at our disposal can be used for good or evil, but his description of the tool is potentially purposefully obtuse and therefore I would argue his use of the subject of maths is for evil: sowing doubt in the minds of weak men that the laws of the universe do not have an author.
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I think his point in this respect is that if your faith is in maths then you are as easily mislead as by any other science, as your own high priests will tell you.
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