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Welcome to the Anime board. Discuss anything made over in Japan. No hentai or gay shit allowed, this is for gigachad weeaboos only.
Asuka best girl
posted 2 years ago by Literally_Hitler (+3 / -1 )
I think they forget that it is a medium and not a genre. There is certainly rampant degeneracy in the medium yes, but this may stem from the current Japanese "culture" inspired by their hyper-consumerist society. Are all books bad because some fags write books? Fags are simply more emboldened by the current state of the world to write more shit. Same with degenerates and anime; their society is allowing it. Perhaps degenerates flock to anime as well, due to the amount of said material available to them.
posted 2 years ago by jimbob1337 (+2 / -0 )
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