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posted 1 year ago by BlackNazi (+3 / -0 ) Edited 2023-02-07 12:30:17
**Did you know?**
ALL the history you have learned about the German nation is propaganda made by white people.
Look at this picture of a German soldier from WW1! Notice how he is not a white man?
That's because—after the fall of Black Führer Adolf Hitler—the REAL, Black Germanic people were genocided and enslaved by Jews and their white puppets. Their achievements in culture, economy and technology were stolen. Werno of BROWN—in white history books called Wernher von Braun—was the first Black man to walk on MARS, but white people hanged him in a public place and all of the photos purporting to be of him today are shopped.
Maybe now people will discover the REAL history of the German nation and realize what Black people accomplished.
My fellow truth-seeking Black brothers and sisters. Germany, Israel and It'ali were BLACK nations until their populations were genocided and replaced by fake Jews and their white colonialist puppets. We Blacks must now enact revenge, by joining the National Socialist Black African Party (NSBAP) so we can follow the original Fascist teachings of Black man Marcus Garvey, teachings whom Black man Bentu M'seli of the tribe of It'ali borrowed and applied to the now whitewashed nation of 'Italy' and that Adolf and Yedolf Kananura applied to Black National Socialist Germany.
We must genocide and replace those fake Jews squatting on **our** ancestral homeland of ISRAEL! Israel is **BLACK** land and Judaism is **BLACK** religion!
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