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Why do you think that America overthrew Saddam Hussein?
It's because Saddam was Black and Sudanese. His real name was Sudan Hussein; that is, Black Hussein.
White men were afraid that the Ba'ath Party, a pan-African political party, would bring about a Black awakening and a revolution in the Black lands of Arabia. A gazillion Black men died in the American invasion of Iraq.
Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx and Sudan Hussein were all Black men. 'Adolf Hitler' was in fact Ugandan. His father was Ugandan tribal chief Tittitsu Kananura. Adolf Kananura and his brother Yedolf Kananura both immigrated to Black Germany and eventually took the honourary title 'Nigler', which roughly translates to 'Jew-killer'. There, they tried to fulfill the destiny of the Black race, which is to exterminate all Jews. However, they have since been whitewashed by the OSS and the Jewish media working in tandem with hired Jewish actor Charlie Chaplin, which is why the name 'Nigler' is now 'Hitler' and most photos strangely depict him as white.
Black man Karl Marx invented Marxism. Black man Marcus Garvey of Jamaica invented Fascism. Black man Bentu M'seli of the It'ali tribe was the first to implement Fascism on a national scale in the whitewashed nation now called 'Italy'.
Black man Adolf Kananura a.k.a. Adolf Fried-Schickengruber, a.k.a. Adolf Nigler a.k.a. Adolf Hitler, after his whitewashing by the OSS and Charlie Chaplin, was the Führer of Black Germany.
Black man Yedolf Kananura a.k.a. Yedolf Fried-Schickengruber a.k.a. Yedolf Nigler a.k.a. Yedolf West was Adolf's brother, a senior figure in the government of National Socialist Black Germany and the father of Kanye West.
Kanye West is thus the nephew of Adolf Hitler.
Learn your REAL history and spread the TRUTH, my fellow truthseeking Black brothers and sisters.
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