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posted 9 months ago by BlackNazi (+4 / -0 )
New information has recently been discovered concerning the brother of the secretly Ugandan real Führer of Black Germany, Adolf Nigler (See also:, before the German National Socialists, who were Black, were whitewashed by the OSS and the Jewish media working in tandem with hired Jewish actor Charlie Chaplin.
The attached photo, found among the information, is of Adolf Nigler's brother, Yedolf Fried-Schickengruber, a.k.a. Yedolf Hitler after the National Socialist seizure of power, or, after being recruited by the United States during Operation Paper Clip, Yedolf West. For more information on, and another photo of, Yedolf Fried-Schickengruber, see:
Yedolf West, who took up a new surname to evade Soviet agents, is the father of Black American celebrity figure Kanye West. Kanye West is thus the nephew of 'Adolf Hitler', a.k.a. the whitewashed version of the real Führer of Black Germany, Adolf Nigler.
As mentioned in the previous post concerning Yedolf Hitler, the name 'Kanye' is a euphemism for the highly efficient extermination of Jews led by Yedolf, which led leading National Socialists to jokingly refer to the killing of Jews using his nickname, 'Ye'.
In a secret interview, Yedolf shed light on the way that his nickname had become a codeword for killing Jews. 'We'd say that we were going to Ye some Jews tonight', said Yedolf, laughing.
He revealed that the last time he saw his brother, Adolf Nigler, Adolf was adamant that '[W]e need to Ye all of the Jews', repeating it numerous times throughout the conversation. Adolf Nigler, Yedolf claimed, was somewhere in Africa or in South America, routinely moving between the two continents. He claimed that news of his brother's death was clearly premature. Both brothers, he said, are determined to let the world know the real truth about World War II: that National Socialist Germany is truly Black and that it is the destiny of the Black race to 'Ye the Jews'—that is, to exterminate global Jewry.
Asked about his son's name, Yedolf proceeded to tell interviewers that he originally considered the name 'Canye', meaning 'Can exterminate all Jews'—that exterminating all Jews is indeed possible—but later opted to change the 'C' to a 'K' to better hide the intent behind his choosing such an unusual name for his son.
The attached photo of Yedolf Hitler was taken in 1944, he alleges. Feeling triumphant after having a record number of Jews put to death that day, he decided that it would be wise to have a photo taken to preserve that day for posterity. Indeed, leading National Socialists considered renaming the anniversary of that day 'Ye Day' in future years.
Though Yedolf's original intent was to pass the photo down to his son once he was old enough to appreciate his father's achievements as a senior figure in the government of National Socialist Germany, he decided instead to give it to his interviewers as evidence of his radical claims.
Yedolf said that Kanye was '100% onboard with finishing off the struggle that his father and uncle had started against the Jewish parasite'. Kanye, Yedolf said, was 'even more fanatical than I [his father] am. My son believes that each and every Jew should be flayed before he gets Ye'd'.
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