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Empirical studies in the top peer-reviewed journals have recently discovered that Kanye West's father is Yedolf Fried-Schickengruber!
Yedolf Fried-Schickengruber was in fact the half-brother of whitewashed Black leader 'Adolf Hitler', whose true name was Adolf Nigler.
Adolf Nigler was the *true* name of Germany's Führer before he was whitewashed by the OSS and the Jewish media, who hired the Jewish actor Charlie Chaplin to create the fake 'Adolf Hitler'.
During the Black Third Reich, Yedolf was known as 'Yedolf Nigler'. Later, he was also whitewashed into the fake 'Yedolf Hitler' like his half-brother. After WWII, Yedolf was recruited by America during Operation Paperclip owing to his extremely high-IQ, and changed his name to 'Yedolf West' to help evade Soviet agents.
Asked in a secret interview why he named his son 'Kanye', Yedolf claimed that due to the sheer number of Jews he had put to death during the war, his nickname, 'Ye', became a euphemism for killing masses of Jews. 'Kanye' was thus an inside joke between Yedolf and other Operation Paperclip scientists.
'We'd say that we were going to Ye some Jews tonight', said Yedolf, laughing. 'Those were the good old days'. He proceeded to tell interviewers that he originally considered the name 'Canye', meaning 'Can exterminate Jews', but later opted to change the 'C' to a 'K' to better hide his intent behind choosing such an unusual name for his son.
These conclusive findings prove that the real Führer of Germany, Adolf Nigler, is the *half-uncle* of Kanye West!
Now, just look at the sheer resemblance between the two men: Yedolf looks *just like* Kanye West!
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