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The Truth About Adolf Hitler:
Have you ever wondered why Hitler is considered one of the worst men in history? Why do whites consider him to be an evil racist, even though they were the ones who spent centuries enslaving African kings and queens? Why did Hitler, the supposed white supremacist, shake Jesse Owens' hand at the 1936 Olympics, whilst Roosevelt did not even acknowledge his existence? Why was Hitler vilified for all these years?
There might be a reason why Hitler has been vilified by the same white supremacist government that has exploited Blacks for centuries. Perhaps there is something about Hitler that they don't want us to know. Something so important that it would completely destroy their entire narrative if the people found out about it.
Below is an original picture of Adolf Hitler from 1935. The original one still in existence. Notice anything strange?
It's almost impossible to believe it, but there it is. Adolf Hitler was a Black man. That's why all of his other photos look so strange. They had to be edited in order to hide the truth. Are you going to continue believing the lies of those who oppressed you for centuries? Or will you stand tall and say the truth out loud?
Rise, my kings and queens. It's time for the world to know who the real Adolf Hitler was.
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