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What are some good specifically Hungarian dishes you enjoy?
In the United States we don't seem to have any Hungarian folks. We got all most of your jews, bleh.
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10 months ago 2 points (+2 / -0 )
Hungarian paprika, chicken, sausage, vegetables all mixed together was an occasional Hungarian meal of my youth. I think. At least it was cooked by a Hungarian
9 months ago 1 point (+1 / -0 ) Edited 2023-08-15 13:41:01 1 child
Red wine beef stew (or "Goulash" with red wine).
Mushroom "paprikash".
Hungarian tripe stew.
Goose leg with sauerkraut.
Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad.
Szekler's cabbage stew or stuffed cabbage.
Chicken paprikash.
Mushroom soup.
Beef soup with vegetables.
Black pudding.
Elk sausage.
Lot more... I can't even...
6 months ago 0 points (+0 / -0 )
Now I’m officially ‘hungry.’ Thanks friend.
10 months ago 1 point (+1 / -0 ) 1 child
> In the United States we don't seem to have any Hungarian folks
Correct. Almost ZERO restaurants with over 30% Hungarian cuisine stay in business for over 3 years.
All go out of business!!!!!!!
This includes Dallas, St Louis, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Los Angeles (yes really), and more.
All those cities had wonderful, mid level authentic cuisine.... all went out of business in 3 years.
10 months ago 1 point (+1 / -0 )
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