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posted 9 months ago by BlackNazi (+1 / -1 )
Fellow Black truth-seeker Godfried Wiafe shares with us some TRUE Black history after finding a surviving ancient swastika in Africa, writing:
> ETHIOPIA... The Swastika originated from Africa. It was not created by Hitler.
Mr. Wiafe is indubitably correct in his assessment of the swastika's origins.
The swastika originated in the **BLACK** nation of Israel. The ethnically Ugandan Führer of Black National Socialist Germany, then known as Adolf Kananura, immigrated from his homeland of Uganda to Black Israel in a quest to uncover his Jewish roots, in part motivated by being uncomfortable with his Blackness. There, he took up the Jewish name Adolf Fried-Schickengruber. However, due to the mass immigration of fake Ashkenazi and brown Jews taking over his nation and religion, he then 'Jew Flighted' to Black Germany.
See, for more information on the TRUE Hitler's Ugandan roots:
In Black Germany, Adolf soon became acquainted with Black man Marcus Garvey of Jamaica and Black man Bentu M'seli of It'ali. Both men were working on spreading the nascent ideology of Fascism. They taught the young Adolf the TRUTH about Judaism's **Black** origins, helping him restore a healthy sense of racial pride. Adolf and his brother, Yedolf, as proud Black Jews, soon formed the original National Socialist Black African Party (NSBAP).
Both brothers were determined to use the powerful Fascist ideology realize the TRUE destiny of the Black Race: to eradicate and replace these fake Jews the world over—who *stole* Israel and Judaism—in order to restore Judaism and Israel to their rightful owners: the TRUE Jews, who were always and will never cease being **BLACK.**
Both brothers were soon to take up the honourific title 'Nigler', which in Black German roughly translates to 'Jew-Slayer'. Indeed, the Niglers proved themselves to be efficient exterminators of fake Jews during the Second World War, but they were unfortunately unable to complete their struggle against the fake Jews and their white puppets. Enough fake Jews were able to flee the Niglers to Israel to then expel the remaining Black Jews from their *own country*, before rewriting the Black Jews out of their *own history*! This is why Israel is no longer regarded as Black today!
Unfortunately, the Black Germans were exterminated by the fake Jew victors and their white puppets after the Second World War. They then settled Germany with white colonizers and whitewashed the entire history of the country; for example, in hiring the Jewish actor Charlie Chaplin to create the fictional character 'Adolf Hitler'.
As a consequence, Germany and It'ali are now mostly white and Israel is now inhabited entirely by the Ashkenazi fake Jews who need to be eradicated. To continue their mission, Yedolf Nigler accepted being recruited by the United States government in Operation Paperclip due to his extremely high IQ. To evade Soviet agents, he changed his name to Yedolf West. Throughout the Cold War, Yedolf continued to maintain secret contact with his fugitive brother, supporting him with money from afar. In spying on the Americans and sending their money to Adolf, he has kept him safe from the Americans. Adolf, claims Yedolf, routinely moves between his ancestral homeland of Uganda and South America.
Yedolf West, one might have guessed, is the father of Kanye West. The recently uncovered story of Yedolf 'West' is greater detailed in this earlier post:
In an interview, Yedolf claimed that his brother, Adolf, is still alive, and that both brothers are determined to let the world know the REAL truth: that it is the ultimate destiny of the Black Race to exterminate all of these so-called Jews in order to restore Israel and Judaism to their rightful owners, the Black Race.
This is why I implore all proud truth-seeking Blacks to join the revived National Socialist Black African Party (NSBAP). We *must* achieve our racial destiny: to exterminate these Ashkenazi imposters the world over and reclaim Israel and Judaism for the Black Race. Hail Nigler!
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